Jenny McCarthy got husband Donnie Wahlberg hooked on this $15 spray-on makeup

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Ever wonder what your favorite celebrities buy when they’re browsing their favorite boutique or shopping online late at night? Welcome to Six Picks, where we ask stars to spill their style and beauty must-haves — so you can shop like you’re famous, too.

Jenny McCarthy is going for the glam this summer.

The “Masked Singer” judge, 50, might be known for her blond hair and bubbly personality, but she’s also turned her knowledge of cosmetics into a business with her vegan and cruelty-free makeup line, Formless Beauty.

Along with focusing on her brand, McCarthy — who is married to “New Kids on the Block” star Donnie Wahlberg, 53 — also tried a new procedure ahead of bikini season, telling Page Six Style that she recently had AirSculpt body contouring on her abdomen along with a fat transfer into her hands and was “blown away” by the “amazing” results.

“It was perfect. I have been very insecure about my hands all of these years because I feel like I had ‘Tales from the Crypt’ hands,” she says, explaining that she asked for her “belly fat” to be injected into her hands and was “back to work in 48 hours” after the procedure.

Below, McCarthy shares some of her favorite health and beauty picks for the summer ahead, from her own beauty brand to a “phenomenal” hair product and a relaxing nighttime tea to curl up with after a fun day in the sun.


Formless Beauty Lip Gloss

jenny-mccarthy-formless-beauty (2)

“It’s not sticky, that’s our number-one compliment. It’s so hydrating also … it’s thin enough but has enough shine and it lasts. Everyone that puts it on goes ‘mm, I gotta get it.’ You can let your daughters put it on. I feel proud of it, I love the colors, I can’t wait to expand.”


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Salon in a Bottle Root Touch Up


“It is a life-saver. You know when the grays come in, I spray that and it is like — I’ve tried all the brands, OK, I’ve tried all the brands — this particular one, it’s a little pricey so you’re going to spend a little more, but the results are phenomenal. It doesn’t look like spray, it doesn’t look like powder, it looks like your hair. I swear by it. I have to hide it from my sister who tries to come over to steal it.”


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Organifi Gold Superfood Dietary Supplement


“This is like my treat when you want something soothing but a little sweet. It used to be gobs of dark chocolate was my end-of-the-night treat. I started drinking this warm, it’s so incredibly satisfying and so good for you. You’re not really hungry afterward … it checks all those boxes of being good for you, satisfying, comfy and that period at the end of the sentence, that thing at the end of the day and you just get in that routine.”


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Almay Biodegradeable Longwear & Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Pads

jenny-mccarthy-almay-makeup-remover (1)

“I was losing eyelashes like crazy because on ‘Masked Singer’ they put those giant lashes on and I’d be scrubbing and scrubbing. I kept trying different eye makeup removers … I couldn’t believe how much easier [this was]. It saved me at least five minutes of scrubbing. I probably use like, three wipes and it’s gone. I swear by it! I went to Target and took, like, the whole row.”


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Color Wow Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray


“It really gives you that beautiful Hollywood shine. People are like, ‘how do they get their hair so shiny and vibrant and healthy?’ and it’s this stuff. You can use it to flat iron your hair, you can use it at the end of when you’re done curling your hair and just give it a little mist … to me it’s night and day if you want that professional, healthy, Hollywood, gorgeous hair. That’s the secret. A little goes a long way.”


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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray-on Makeup

“They use it on ‘Masked Singer’ and I fell in love with it. It does work really well, it’s really quick. The self-tanners, they kind of freak me out sometimes only because I’m afraid of getting streaky … but the Sally Hansen can spray? It’s so quick. Boom, boom, boom, rub rub, rub, and it dries. You don’t have to wait for it to dry. I’ve got Donnie on it now for his touring, and he’s like, ‘This one’s the best one out of all the ones we’ve tried’ and it really, really is.”


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